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My goal is to provide you with useful information about aikido and related martial arts.  is located in Prague, Czech Republic.

I am associated with the Bohemia Aikikai and am affiliated with the Aikido Hombu Dojo, Tokyo, Japan, through our association with Shoji Nishio Sensei, 8th Dan and his student, Ichiro Shishiya Sensei, 6th Dan.

My friends and I teach and practice at the Aikido Renmei Dojo of Prague. You can find details about our classes on our Contact Us page

This page is also now the official English web page for the Bohemia Aikikai. To see the original BA site in Czech click here:Bohemia Aikikai (CZ). To find out more about the Bohemia Aikikai, have a look at our testing standards page.

At this site, you will discover information about Shoji Nishio Sensei’s aikido style, other schools of aikido, daito ryu aikijujutsu, iaido and swords, an aikido FAQ, and other related martial arts.

Check out our extensive links pages and the student handbook that can be used for teaching the basic background information necessary for new students.

In the future, I will be adding even more to the existing book reviews, news, essays, seminar announcements and reviews, pictures and video clips of various martial arts teachers from my travels to stages around the world.

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”Saru mo ki kara ochiru.”
(“Even a monkey can fall out of his tree”)

!! Our Dojo ~ Aikido Renmei!!

Latest Update:

22 October 2010:


  • The Winter schedule of training are posted below for days and times.

Upcoming Seminars of Interest -

  • 30. 10. 2010 - Petr HvÄ›zda, 3. Dan - Hradec Kralove
  • 11.-14.11. 2010 - Ichiro Shishiya sensei, 7. Dan -Horice, CZ

Future Seminars:

New Web sites of Interest -

New Book Recommendation -

"Aikibatto: Sword Exercises for Aikido Students" by Stefan Stenudd Stefan has published a new book on aikibatto, the sword (and jo) exercise system he is teaching.
In addition to what's on the website, he has written some new chapters - about the spiritual aspects and practical fundamentals of the sword arts, about equipment, and about the pedagogical ideas and intentions of aikibatto.
I have studied with Stefan a long time and find his training and teaching skills exceptional and I am sure this book will be equally impressive.
The videos on his website, though, he has had to exclude :-)

New Classes Scheduled in Prague

All classes are now held in the Klamovka dojo

Dojo - TJ Sokol Košíre
Praha 5 - Klamovka
(See a map here)

To come from the Andel metro - tram numbers 7, 9, 4, 10 to stop - “Klamovka.”
Bus numbers 132, 149, 191 a 217 - Klamovka
Bus numbers 149, 191, 217 - Nad Klamovkou

Winter and Spring Class Schedule in Prague



Class Schedule




No classes


TJ Sokol Košíre

2000-2130 hrs.


Petr Hvezda


No classes


TJ Sokol Košíre

2000-2130 hrs.


Larry Kwolek
Simona Cerna


No classes


Shishiya Sensei with some students of Aikido  Renmei, Prague

Our largest seminar of 2005: Ichiro Shishiya Sensei, Nishio Aikido and Aiki-Toho-Iaido, 6. Dan,  16.- 20. 11. 2005, Jičín, CZ.  The seminar was very successful with over 190 participants over the five days.